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Leadership Team

Miss J Watts – Headteacher

Mr S Boyd – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs C Ives – SENDCo

Mrs M Howe – Early Years Phase Leader

Miss B Grinstead – Key Stage 1 Phase Leader

Mrs S Topple - Key Stage 2 Phase Leader (Year 3 & 5)

Miss V Carrington - Key Stage 2 Phase Leader (Year 4 & 6) Pupil Premium & Mental Health Lead 


Mrs P Norris – Finance & Business Manager

Mrs A Long – Chair of Governors

Mrs H Desborough - Family Support Worker

Teaching Staff
Early Years Year 2 Year 4 Year 6

Robins - Mrs Z Lee

Ravens - Mrs M Howe & Mrs K Darlow 

Mallards - Mrs A Durrant
& Mrs E Cassidy-Gray

Moorhens - Mrs L Fox

Hawks - Miss L Hurst

Herons - Miss R Tearle

Kites - Miss V Carrington

Kestrels - Miss E Peacock

Kingfishers - Mr P Griffiths

Year 1 Year 3 Year 5

Specialist Teachers & Higher Level
Teaching Assistants

Puffins - Miss B Grinstead

Peacocks - Miss G Slater

Wrens - Mr S Boyd & Mrs R Clarke

Woodpeckers - Miss K Tustian

Sparrows - Mr A Lock

Starlings - Mrs G Woods

Swifts - Mrs S Topple

PE Lead - Miss Crawford-Smith

HLTA - Mrs K Darlow

HLTA - Mrs R Lewis

HLTA - Mrs J Willbond

HLTA - Mrs E Cassidy-Gray

Support Staff

Miss K Adams

Miss R Bailey

Mrs J Brice

Mrs C Clare

Mrs H Delaney

Mrs L Duffy

Mrs D Fenton

Mrs J Fisher

Miss S France

Mrs L Gilmartin

Miss G Hardham

Mrs Z Hardham

Miss J Huffer

Miss A Inkersole

Miss M James

Mrs A Lakin

Mrs S Lenton

Mrs E Looby

Mrs J Middlebrook

Mrs D Moore

Mrs C Newlands

Mrs K Stephenson

Miss C Thatcher

Mrs L Wheeler

Miss A Wilson

Mrs L Winchester

Mrs S Young

Admin Support Staff

Mrs B Ritson - Office Manager

Mrs E Kirwan - Office Staff

Mrs S Raill - Office Staff

Mrs S Thorogood - Office Staff

Mrs K Letford - Personal Assistant to Headteacher

Site Manager

Mr J Clarke