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At Potton Primary School, we use Scopay as our preferred method of payment. It allows parents and guardians to make online payments for various school-related activities and services, such as school meals, trips, and other fees. Scopay also provides a means of communication between schools and parents, enabling them to receive important information and updates.

Here are some common features and functions of Scopay:

  1. Online Payments: Parents can securely make payments for school-related expenses using the Scopay platform. This can include meals, school trips, and other fees.

  2. Account Management: Users can manage their Scopay accounts, view transaction history, and check balances.

  3. Communication: Scopay often includes a messaging system or notification feature that allows schools to communicate important information, such as upcoming events or announcements, to parents and guardians.

  4. Accessibility: Scopay is typically accessible through a web portal or mobile app, making it convenient for parents to make payments and stay informed on the go.

  5. Record Keeping: The platform may also provide a record-keeping system that allows parents to track their child's expenses and payments over time.